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Towne AllPoints was founded in 1953 as Towne Advertisers Mailing Service to provide mailing services to local merchants. The name derived from Towne’s first location; “The Old Towne Tavern”, which was located in a shopping center in Long Beach, California.

Since the beginning, Towne AllPoint’s signature has been “PUTTING THE CUSTOMER FIRST”. This philosophy has been passed along through each decade and remains a standard today. Towne AllPoint’s first inventory management system pioneered electronic management, ordering of customer documents, and inventory. Towne AllPoint’s has created a unique offering, providing fulfillment, traditional print and mail services, all under one roof. Customers like Beckman Industries and Disney flocked to Towne AllPoints because of its unique attentiveness to customer needs and its wide array of services.

In 1998, Towne created AllPoints Communications, a network of niche suppliers dedicated to working together to seamlessly provide fully integrated and comprehensive services. Towne formally changed its name to “Towne AllPoints Communications” to reflect the shift in its mission, to provide global expertise in direct response communications, and began expanding its facilities and presence nationally.

After successfully establishing this national footprint, and in an effort to acknowledge the evolution that has occurred in the industry, a new fresh image and logo was launched in 2012. The new brand and image still reflect the core of the business but the change to “Towne Allpoints Direct Marketing and Fulfillment” shows the breadth of service and the comprehensive marketing solution provider that Towne AllPoints has become.

Towne AllPoint’s ageless philosophy of placing the customer first has defined our customer experience. Our mission calls for honesty and integrity. For over 60 years, Towne AllPoints has lived by these values. To those who have made the journey with us, we extend a sincere thank you. For those seeking to partner with an organization that has a proven track record of success and is driven by creating customer success, we invite you to put Towne AllPoints to the test. Towne AllPoints stands ready, willing and able to serve you.