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By Debora Griffith, Towne AllPoints Direct Marketing & Fulfillment

Do you have a junk mail account? So do your clients.

Do you have a junk mail account? So do your clients.

It’s hard enough getting people to put their emails down without having to worry about them giving you the one they never read.  Growing a solid email list is stressful; I get it.

Yet, the potential of a solid email list is pretty astonishing.  Did you know that 91% of people check their email daily? – Exact Target poll, 2012.

That is a huge opportunity! People have their email on the computer, phones, e-readers, iPads, and whatever other thingamajigs they own that get Wi-Fi.  It’s a quick, efficient, and incredibly accessible means for them to get to know your business.

Towne AllPoints would love to help you get more people on that A-list.  We can help you get the names and get the sales. We’d love to see your business grow through email communications.  It’s a great way to be heard and to interact with your customers. But you already know all this.  On with the show.

Here’s a few tips on how to make this happen for your business:

To start, this must be said: do not make it complicated.  Make sure your email list graphic is front and center, and one click away from the entry page.  You know how many sites that I’ve given up on because of their shoddy email list? Don’t be that guy.

Furthermore, create incentive.  If some random girl walked up to you off the street and said, “can I get your email?” would you give it to her? (If you answered yes, consider adding some personal boundaries to your repertoire. No offense.)

It’s like that for businesses, too! People need a reason not to put you on the junk email, you guys! Don’t be the awkward kid who only has carrots to trade at the lunch table! Be the kid with Snack Pack! You don’t want a pity add; you want customers to want to know about your business.

How about these apples?

  • Host Webinars!
  • Give away free stuff or offer discounts!
  • Add social shares so people can promote you!
  • Use YouTube!
  • Hold a contest to see who can get you the most emails!

All of these are excellent ways to gain interest.  Know what another million-dollar idea is, though? Be interesting. Do you know what happens when you write something worth reading?

People will read it! They’ll share it! They’ll buy it!

That bit of advice may seem a little daunting.  I’m sure you’re thinking, “well, yeah.  Obviously, but that doesn’t mean I know how to be interesting.”

Of course you do! You have a business, don’t you?  You’ve gotten this far?  Just the fact that you had the gumption to start a small business proves you have something you’re interested in.  The key, then, is to be able to put that in an email.  Over and over again.

Okay, that was a little daunting.  But that’s what Towne AllPoints is for!  We know how to transcribe your fervor onto an email.  Let us help you.  We’ll grow your email list together.  It’s going to be so… E-mazing.

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