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You need to be in charge of your projects, not waiting on a call or an email to let you know what’s happening. Whether it’s as simple as a print re-order or access to stored digital assets, you want it now. At Towne AllPoints “now” means 24/7 web-based ordering, access to all transactions, real time updates and on-demand production of materials.

On demand fulfillment from Towne AllPoints includes:
• 24/7 web-based ordering and real time reporting
• Customer Branded Order Site
• Inventory Management
• Bi-Coastal Order Distribution
• Manage Orders and Inventory in Multiple Distribution Centers
• E-Commerce
• Marketing Brochure Fulfillment for both static and digital inventory
• Variable Print-On-Demand Orders
• Custom kit management (Build-on-Demand, Build-to-Stock)
• Point-of-Sale Distribution Management

What is an OMS (Order Management System)?
The OMS is your Command Center for materials and reports 24/7. You can use the OMS to plan and execute programs, re-order materials, manage your marketing budget and access user-defined reports – on your clock not ours.
• Control marketing budgets
• Order and manage inventory
• Create, budget and manage marketing campaigns
• Store and manage digital assets
• Place orders into regional distribution centers
• Track orders and shipments
• Create and review real time user defined reports