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How do you find your buying communities? What is the right message for each of them?  Together we’ll carve out an eMarketing program that is alive and vibrant, not just a series of email blasts and sporadic posts that go nowhere

Towne AllPoints understands that communication in the 21st century demands a firm grasp on how to navigate cyberspace. Electronic Marketing or eMarketing is much more than sending out e-mail broadcasts. It is a tightly woven strategy recognizing that cyberspace is broken into many communities. Each community is linked together by specific attributes and serves as a significant influence on its members. Towne guides its customers to be able to engage relevant communities in consistent dialogue to pull and analyze information keeping the dialogue rich in content while maintaining its cost effectiveness.

The messages for engagement can include QR codes, Landing Pages, Personalized and/or generic URLs, and mobile websites.

“Sending Consistent Messages across all Channels.”