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You are the expert at what you do . You have a goal, a target customer, and actions you want them to take. So when it’s time to convert what you know into an integrated direct marketing program you need a partner with the power to make it happen.


Towne Allpoints is that partner. We have the technology and in-house experience to help you design the perfect mix to mount a creative hard-hitting campaign. And we’ll engineer it in a way that keeps it economical without compromising quality.


· Direct Mail – With Towne Allpoints on your team you will never navigate the maze of delivery methods, rates and requirements again. We deploy high speed addressing, data hygiene, intelligent insertion, and continuous and cut sheet imaging and bindery resources. Our relationship with the U.S. Postal Service lets us get your materials quickly processed and delivered.

· Database Management – How do you get into the heads of your prospects? How can you tailor your messaging for the maximum impact? Towne AllPoints has developed sophisticated methods of applying data to create messaging that is razor sharp and on target.

· Print Management – Print still matters. But you need to know you’re getting top quality production that fits within your budget. Through our Towne AllPoints Network we will save you money without ever sacrificing quality.


· eMarketing – Which social networks are your customer participating in? What is the right message for each of them? Together we’ll carve out an eMarketing program that is alive and vibrant, not just a series of email blasts and sporadic posts that go nowhere.


Whether it’s a point-to-point direct sales effort or a multi-tiered, cross channel promotional push, we know how important it is to your business to get it right the first time. The Towne AllPoints team will help carve out a direct marketing program that will get you noticed by your buying audience.