Kurtzman Carson Consultants Case Study


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Challenge: Bankruptcy Noticing / Need to Develop Alternative to Print & Mail
Solution: Towne Develops Methodology to Movesome Programs from Print/Mail to CD


Kurtzman Carson Consultants (KCC) is a leading claims and noticing agent that provides administrative-support and technology solutions to companies and Official Committees
undergoing corporate restructuring. KCC is currently workingon some of the largest bankruptcy cases in U.S. history. The volume of work has increased significantly in the current economy.


Towne AllPoints assists KCC in the printing and mailing of the notices, ballots, proof of claims and orders that have to be distributed to creditors. Many of the projects are quite large and all of the mailings are time sensitive. Most of the mailings must print and mail on the same day. This includes overnight package distributions. Towne also assists KCC with the CD replications of disclosure statement and plan documents. By utilizing this digital media, the print and mailing costs are vastly reduced.


Lastly KCC partners with Towne AllPoints on large class action mailings and leverages Towne’s postal experience to realize deep discounts in postage. By partnering with Towne, KCC has created a competitive advantage that has made them the industry leader.