CareCredit Case Study


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Challenge: New Client Acquisition/Fit vis-a-vis Account Staff & Equipment/Capabilities
Solution: Combine Old Fashioned Customer Service with State-of-the-Art Technology
We were approached by CareCredit as they were looking to expand their current pool of solution providers. Service, pricing, turnaround, technology, and partnering were high on their list of needs.
We presented our services and began working on small projects. Our project awards have been growing rapidly as a result of our ability to deliver on-time and under budget. We go out of our way to put ourselves in their environment, and understand their challenges and strategies which helps position us as a solutions provider.

Additionally, our sophisticated mailing equipment allows us to handle this 3-way closed face match using our Buskro inserter/inkjet combo which has OCR cameras which maintain accuracy while running at high speeds (lowering CareCredit costs) to deliver on this high-quality presentation. Finally, this same equipment has a wide format head and is capable of delivering spot-color to enhance label quality and catch the eye of the recipient.
On the most recent project we did for them we mailed ahead of schedule, we were pro-active in the engagement, and the mailing saw a 14% response rate.